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5. Chart of your operation of giving Opinions and receiving EasyFeedback token

  • The new adore off a job well written.

The fresh new blockchain is great for brand new purposes of our very own venture. It provides credibility towards opinions thanks to the openness and you will immutability this new blockchain provides.

cuatro. Chief actors

Feedback publishers: Pages whom build feedback and want to getting rewarded because of it. These pages can post suggestions, issues, done well, complaints or states without difficulty to any providers around the world. I make certain to send they and that it are not controlled. The things they’re doing might be rewarded with EASYF tokens offered by our Oracles.

Once certified, the fresh member’s opinions might be rated and you may affirmed because of the certainly the three Validator Oracles (inner, company otherwise attorneys) and you may contained in the blockchain for the rating received. Validator Oracles feel the part away from rewarding pages whom upload feedback. For every single style of views, one of the step three kind of Validator Oracles takes part: interior, business and you will attorneys. Viewpoints sent in the form of queries won’t be rewarded.

6. “Proof Opinions”: Generation and honor from EASYF depending on the value of the fresh feedback

The latest tokenized design targets this new “Proof Viewpoints” between pages and you will enterprises and organizations. Each and every time a user directs of use viewpoints, it found EasyFeedback token to own his/their telecommunications.

The internal Validator Oracle tend to evaluate the feedback delivered because of the EasyFeedback profiles according to these 3 criteria: flexibility, originality and you can execution.

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