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Sooner or later, Amy chooses to just take Rachel’s suggestions and take action nice having Emma

Simply issues are, new entirely self-engrossed and worry about-oriented Amy y a couple of times phone calls Emma, ‘Ella’ top Rachel to state she loves title but is astonished whenever Ross tells the woman “fine, we shall label the second that Ella”

  • Theodore and Bitsy Hannigan ( Cristine Rose): Mike’s steeped, haughty moms and dads. He brings up Phoebe in it, [e twenty-eight] and later they generate they obvious which they do not accept regarding Phoebe on account of getting one another annoyed and you may bewildered from the their odd quirks, however, Mike defies him or her and you may announces their love for her into the side regarding his moms and dads in addition to their two “sinfully terrifically boring” members of the family (who are likewise bemused of the unusual quirks of Phoebe). It later on meet Joey, which confuses and you can bemuses these with his comments on how sweet it’s you to “their young children was growing right up” (Phoebe had advised your he was “including a father” in order to their) and later sit-in the marriage inside the “The one with Phoebe’s Wedding”.

Merely troubles is, the entirely thinking-engrossed and you may worry about-founded Amy y a couple of times calls Emma, ‘Ella’ leading Rachel to express she enjoys title it is amazed when Ross informs her “great, we’ll label next one to Ella”

  • Amy Greene (Christina Applegate): certainly one of Rachel’s one or two siblings, who very first appears in “One with Rachel’s Almost every other Sibling” (airdate ; Year 9, Zero. 8).

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