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Q: How frequently ought i lubricate my cycle strings?

Dupont Strings Saver continues wet and quickly cures to good protective wax film you to lubricates and handles having is no significant fling. The fresh new squirt can be nose weight is nearly laminar for appropriate setting out, as well as the patented algorithm contains molybdenum and Teflon fluoropolymers on the company you to definitely designed it. Chain Saver’s self-clean up element is actually a dual extra. One dust you to somehow manages to latch on to Teflon vanishes that have for each and every the fresh new app.

Dupont Strings Saver is secure for everybody O-band, X-ring, and you will Z-ring organizations, along with bicycles, ATVs, go-carts, otherwise one chain-motivated car. The brand new slim, inactive wax film may require more frequent app than simply a heavy-obligation chain lube, however, Strings Saver’s strings-clean up abilities more than accounts for because of it. Squirt into a few rotations once an experience, and you’re in a position for another time-out.

Ideal Chain Lubricant Insert

The only insert in the heap takes a totally more approach on the spraying is also.

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