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In 2 happy and you can smoking cigarettes weeks, anyone gave individual memory, discover of teachings, and you may chatted about Ajahn Chah’s way of degree

Things are Teaching All of us – Ajahn Chah

During the , several hundred or so some body gathered inside Portola Valley, California, having a week-end charged because the ‘The life span, Minutes, and you will Instruction off Ajahn Chah.’ Monks, nuns and laypeople, disciples establish and you can past, in addition to many other interested people moved off across the country and you will international to join the event. It absolutely was an excellent shortly after-in-a lifestyle minute that cut back a lot of memory for all of the speakers, perhaps capped by Ajahn Sumedho’s reflection for the bow ‘this 1 nothing man’ got done this far and that his life with the benefit of the country .


Whenever i was freaked-aside young buck, We dumped me personally to your doorstep off Ajahn Chah’s orphanage. Personally debilitated, mentally young, and you may spiritually blind, I’d nowhere to go these days, no one to make so you’re able to to possess assist. Ajahn Chah took me in the and you will set me personally lower than their side. He had been able to instill primary believe and provide myself a good sense of security as he nursed myself collectively and helped me become adults. He was moms and dad, doctor, teacher, mentor, priest, and you may Santa claus, comedian and taskmaster, saving grace and you will nemesis, always wishing better before myself, always in a position towards the unthinkable, this new unanticipated, and the beneficial.

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